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A Brand for Directional Drillers


A Brand for Directional Drillers

American Directional Driller is a brand of merchandise and tools made specifically for directional drillers. We invite drillers of all stripes to join us by proudly representing the unique culture of the American Directional Driller. There is truly nothing else like it. 


Mentally & Physically Stong

To be a DD, you must be a leader of men and women. At the rig you are surrounded by the strongest men and women in America. These people are as tough as nails and can roughneck for 13 hours straight while singing cheerfully. Many are decorated veterans or all-american athletes. You don’t choose to be a DD, the job and your peers choose you. 


Persuasive, Confident, & Accountable

Drillers must be persuasive, confident, and accountable for their decisions. If you drill into the shale twice in your career, inviting the “big grey eraser” a.k.a. cement job, you will likely be looking for a new job. Ditto for drilling across a hard line. Collide into a producing well and you will face legal and civil liabilities while putting many lives in peril. Trigonometry (surveying) and statistical uncertainty skills (anti-collision) are fundamental. Errors are not acceptable. Only a few minutes of non-productive time (NPT) will cost the operator several thousand dollars. The intensity of the job is immense. Many who try will fold in the face of overwhelming pressure for speed and perfection. 


Drillers Come From All Walks of Life

American Directional Drillers come from all walks of life, urban/rural, rich/poor, and all nationalities from around the world. The job requires exceptional communication skills, the ability to see multi-dimensional space and conceptualize parameters that are nonsensical to the imagination of outsiders. Success is measured in steering outcomes. There are many ways to do the job, but only one way to do it right. 


In Responsible Charge

Your wellplan (3D map) is only a guideline. The earth will give and take while the seemingly mystical geologist spins their formation interpretation like a journalist. You are persuasive and restrain the enthusiasm of others who demand swimming up and down in the pay zone to find geological markers with an MWD that is 40 feet behind the bit. Good luck trying to slide after even a micro-dogleg in the lateral. Furthermore, drilling into the shale is unacceptable. It is solely the DD’s responsibility. Before we do anything against our better judgement, we require a traceable, legally-binding written-document with sign-off from the operator. Otherwise, you might hear the words “pound sand” followed by a chuckle. 


Do you have what it takes?

Think this job might be for you? Go ask any driller to explain wraps of pipe, reactive torque, and how they estimate the number of minutes to set a toolface for a slide at 23,000 feet measured depth. If their answer makes sense to you, you might have what it takes to be a driller. Only a a very few will get the opportunity. 

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